Customers around the world

Here you will find a small selection of our projects that have already taken us to Kazakhstan, Dubai or even to Athens. Many private projects in Germany, Austria and Switzerland complete our projects.

From PGA professionals to hotel operators, more than 150 customers have placed their trust in us and have not been disappointed.

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You want to operate a golf simulator yourself?

Together with you, we will also build your indoor center, for your hotel, catering business, sports center or, of course, as a service directly in your golf clubhouse.

Starting with a budget of around 15,000 euros, we can offer you a commercially usable simulator that you can rent to your customers and members.

Ihr GSK Commercial Simulator
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Europe’s Indoor Golf Expert

For more information please contact our Golf Simulator expert PGA Golf Professional Oliver Riepl
+ 43-664-517 47 20!

Our Golf Simulator Hotline
Daily 8am to 6pm CET (7 to 5 UK Time)

Our latest Top-Projects

GSK TruGolf Show Room Vienna
@ Golf Club Wienerberg – Vienna
Cityfairways Indoor Golf October 2017

GSK Trugolf Show Room Germany
@ Golf Resort Maximillian – Bad Griesbach –
Cityfairways Indoor Golf October 2017

Golf Club Borovue Astana Kasachstan
July 2017

PAGES Glyfada Indoor Golf Club Athens
Dez 2016

Golf Club Open County – Deutschland Nord
Dez 2016

Luxury Villa Graz Austria
March 2017

Cityfairways Indoor Golf
@ GC Marco Polo – Vienna Austria –
Okt 2015

Privater Golf Club Krems Austria
Nov 2016