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“Our primary goal was to make indoor golf affordable,
with the GSK Systems we are more then close to our final destination!”Oliver Riepl - PGA Golf Professional

This are the World’s Best Golf Simulators

Our Simulators are available for almost every Budget and Tracking needs of any Golf Player!


GSK SkyTrak

Camera Ball Tracking
E6 V1.6 Golf and others
Home Impact Box
from 4.500 €

SkyTrak Simulator

GSK  TruTrak2

TruGolf TruTrak2 Fiber
Sonic Audio Ball Tracking
E6Golf V1.6 15 Courses
GSK Impact Box
from 9.900 €

TruTrak2 Simulator


BV21 Bravo Cameras
 Ball and Club Tracking

Bravo Golf 70 Courses
GSK Impact Box
from 14.900 €

Bravo Simulator

GSK TruFlight2

PGA Profi Center
TruGolf TruFlight2 Cameras
Ball and Club Tracking
E6Connect Golf 27 Courses
GSK Impact Box
from 15.500 €

TruFlight2 Simulator

UNEEKOR Golf Simulator
The next BIG Thing!
Available May 2019

  • Measures Spin Like nothing else

    If you are looking for Dead End Data on Spin and Club Measurements, the Uneekor is the one to go. With a special designed Ball it actually Tracks and measures Spin of the Ball, and gets almost all of the Club Data as well.

  • “Golf Simulator” with Proven record and Cutting-edge technology

    – Providing realistic environment to enhance performance – Accurate data produces productive practice & accurate fittings – Various practice mode for practice with fun

  • Right Solution for Golfers or Golfer-Wannabe

    – Shot skills and Trainings -> Driving Range and Driving Complex – Reliable & Precise data for exact fittings – Course management and prep for round -> Stroke mode

Uneekor Golf Simulator more Infos here

E6 Connect – Golf Simulation Software
It never has been better!

  • E6 Connect Golf

    Now, owners can play against golfers around the world in real time, with peer-to-peer functionality—one source, every platform. Additionally, users can post their shot history to any course they play—leaving their mark for new golfers to play against in the future. This archived telemetry ensures users will always have someone to play against.


    E6 CONNECT has the most realistic and comprehensive ball flight model available that has been developed over 30 years. The world-class course library inside of E6 has been entirely rebuilt. Our team of artists and programmers have completely rebuilt and recreated our 3D courses.

  • The new Industry Standards

    E6 is synonymous with immersion. This new engine offers the most realistic golf simulation experience we have ever built, period. This brand new engine is a marked leap forward in golf simulation technology. Completely scalable, this game will be available on more platforms than E6 1.6, including iOS & mobile. This flexibility makes it possible for more golfers to connect through more devices than any competitor. E6 is the industry standard for realism, accuracy, and connectivity. E6 CONNECT is the one source for every platform.

  • Peer to Peer and Online

    CONNECT makes it possible for players to play head-to-head in real time.

E6 Features & Golf Courses

Sky Trak
Golf Ball Tracking System

The first personal launch monitor of its kind, SkyTrak is a realistic and real-time golf practice and play system.
SkyTrak connects wirelessly to your mobile device or PC, then accurately captures and displays launch data and ball flight as soon as you hit the ball. You’ll see the ball fly and receive instant feedback on every shot.